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Spa Water

by Greg Sands posted Feb 27 2015 2:15 PM

Ever lift your cover, turn on the jets and "BAM!",   you start coughing or your nose gets all tingly like you just took some Alka-Seltzer - now what?  First thing to ask yourself, and be truthful, is have I been maintaining the chemicals? If you've let the hot tub go for over a month or so without checking your chemicals or just the opposite you've been right on target every week but now the hot tub just doesn't smell right, then it's probably time to dump the water. Hot Tubs can be over-chemicalized and under-chemicalized, typically resulting in sour or fizzy water.  If this seems like your water and it's been between three to six months from your last drain and fill, we recommend dumping the water and starting fresh! Just be sure to do this when the weather isn't below freezing so you know you'll be able to add water and re-start your hot tub right away.  The weather should break soon and allow for draining and refilling your hot tub.  Please call the store with any questions during this process.  Be sure to bring a water sample in to Backyard Dreams to have the water tested.


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