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What you need to know to keep your hot tub water clean and safe!

by Greg Sands posted Mar 3 2014 10:00 AM

Do your filters look like the one pictured on the right?

Keep your filters CLEAN!!!  Hot tub filters are your friend.  They keep the

bad stuff out of the water so you and your tub stay healthy.


Try the following to keep the filters working properly and your water clean.

  • Follow the SpaGuard program.  Using all of the products in the program

        is the best way to keep your water perfect and extend the life of your

        filter cartridge.  Contact our store 618-467-6447 to discuss which

        program is best for you.

  • After soaking be sure to add sanitizer and add spa shock once a week

        as part of your SpaGuard program.

  • Wash your filters every four weeks.  Rinse the filters using the high-pressure

        nozzle on your garden hose.  DO NOT use a power washer!  Don't forget to

        turn off the power to the hot tub before removing the filters.

  • Clean the filters at least every 3 months.  Shorter intervals are OK.  Rinse off

        the filter, then soak in SpaGuard Filter Cleaner and Degreaser for at least one

        hour, then rinse until suds disappear.  Replace filters and then turn power

        to your hot tub back on.

  • Always maintain proper water chemistry.  Sanitizer is a must.  Filters keep

        the water clean but DO NOT kill bacteria.

  • Having two sets of filters is a good idea.  You can put clean filters when

        you remove your filters for a deep cleaning.

  • Bathers should rinse off before using the hot tub, this leaves less work for

        the filters and makes water care much easier.





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